Coming this spring! DSB compliant Kokong EV wall box for safe charging of Electric/Hybrid vehicles

KOKONG S. The Smarter Socket.

Most people do not realise that on average, every home has about 30 devices plugged in, which are consuming power 24/7/365, even when we don`t use them.

Kokong S is an autonomous smart socket, meaning that it automatically turns off power when it is not needed, thereby both increasing safety in the home or office, plus saving you energy without you having to do anything. No app needed.

With Kokong S you only pay for the power you actually consume.

Kokong S makes it greener, simple, safe and attractive to charge at night, which is the best time, as electricity is often cheaper and you don`t need your devices as you`re most likely sleeping and charging anyway.


Designed in Norway

inspired by [human] nature