Lightcircle/NTG agreement with USBL launches on 28.1.21

We are very proud to have partnered with USBL, Norways second largest housing association.

- This is not only a new and very important agreement for us, but it marks a shift where we now enter directly into the real estate market. In many ways, USBL and Lightcircle fit like a glove as our products should be offered in housing, and I envisage that the collaboration will develop broadly and
across USBL's many companies and initiatives, says Morten Revill, CEO of Lightcircle.
USBL has over 100,000 members and manages more than 60,000 homes. The agreement shall,
among other things:
* Offer membership benefits to individual members
* Involve communication tools and activities towards members
* Strengthen the relationships between the housing association, its members and Lightcircle and our Swedish mother company, NTG ab.

USBL by numbers.
100,000 members and Norway`s second largest housing association
90,000 homes with pre-emption
500 homes for rent
1,611 housing cooperatives and condominiums who are supported both financially, technically and
with legal advice
61,718 managed units