Kokong EV10 ZEN CHARGER Polar Black

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Kokong EV Zen charger does what charge cables and normal "Schuko" wall sockets don`t: disconnects power from the charge cable when charging is complete.

This figure shows you how you save money, power and protect your battery with Kokong:

This saves you some power consumption over time plus the wall socket is "on" only when charging occurs.

Kokong EV Zen charger is a "Smart-Schuko"  micro wall box, the smallest wall box on the market, at a price that makes it an alternative for everyone. Kr 2495,- with Chint NL-210 type b Earth protection box included (value NOK 3495,-).

Kokong EV10 is intended for fixed installation by an electrician (NOT INCLUDED) to charge your electric or hybrid vehicle at home or in your holiday home. You use it for Mode 1 or Mode 2 charging instead of your old or regular wall socket ("Shuko").

To be able to charge in a normal type "Schuko" wall socket, you need to have:

- a dedicated electric course

- limitation to 10A 

- type b-protection (Earth).

Kokong EV10 is an automatic electrical control that monitors and controls load, limiting to 10A and cuts power above this. It is mounted on your wall, and has a space for the charge cable to alleviate weight stress on the Shuko, which is also enforced by DSB in Norway. 

The majority of people don`t install "fast chargers" at home, and they now have a smarter alternative to replace the old "unsmart" wall socket.

Main key benefits of Kokong EV10: 

  1. Install and use for anyone. No app or wi-fi installation etc needed, which makes it easy for anyone to use.
  2. Install with an authorized electrician. Just unpack, mount on wall and plug in your car charger. Earth protection type-b from Chint included in the box for installation by electrician.
  3. Makes charging of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids through using Mode 1 or 2 safer and more "smart" as Kokong EV monitors the charging process.
  4. Saves passive electricity consumption as EV10 automatically disconnects power from the charge cable when charging is done or if a charge cable is left plugged in. 
  5. Contributes to battery life of your vehicle power is only supplied as long as charging occurs.
  6. Auto cut-off: if you leave home and forget to remove charger from socket and/or your vehicle, Kokong EV10 with cut the power for you, eliminating risk of overheating or fire when you`re away.
  7. Only weights 0.5 kg - saving materials, with an elegant design, and taking up little space in your garage.
Kokong EV10 micro wall box takes up little space and looks great. And it comes in three elegant Nordic colours.



  • Carefully selected Nordic colours, inspired by Norwegian and Arctic nature.
  • Earth protected socket
  • LED light guides indicating power mode
  • Circular recess for easy-inserting plugs in the dark 
  • Kokong EV10 has been programmed to a 10A capacity, meaning it automatically complies with regulations.
  • Kokong disconnects power from the charge cable (and car) when it detects power that is not needed, saving you and the environment from power waste.
  • No app/wifi installation needed. Kokong works by way of detection and preprogramming. No Wi-fi connection or Bluetooth needed.
  • High quality, UV resistant plastic casing.
  • Operating conditions: -20 - 40 °C
  • Storage conditions: -30 - 70 °C
  • IP44