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Kokong S Nordic Pink Analog
Kokong S Nordic Pink Analog
Kokong S Nordic Pink Analog

Kokong S Nordic Pink Analog

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KOKONG S Analog.
Great design only

Want to complete your Kokong style around the home without buying many Kokong S? 
Buy Kokong Analog too. Whereas Kokong S is looks and brains, Kokong Analogue is looks only, without the smart function. Therefore, it is more affordable, but with the same great design.
Use the Kokong smart socket where you need it the most, and compliment with Kokong Analogue to complete your style.


  • Carefully selected Nordic colours, inspired by Norwegian and Arctic nature.
  • Certified, quality textile cable (1,5m, 16A)
  • 230VAC to 5VDC and 3.3VDC.
  • Silicon anti-slip sole for softness against the surface and extra stability
  • High quality, UV resistant plastic casing (Alcom AWL 109/15 UV)
  • LED light guides indicating power on or off to help prompt you to remove cables.
  • Circular recess for easy-inserting plugs in the dark or when you have to reach under the night table, sofa etc.
  • Child lock hinders children from accessing dangerous sockets.