Our Story

Lightcircle of Norway was born in the small, silver-mine turned high-tech city of Kongsberg, about an hour`s drive from the capital city of Oslo.

The city is surrounded by hills, mountains and forest, closely tied with people living modern, technologically driven, hectic lives.

Lightcircle of Norway is inspired by the northern lights, those magical flickers across the night sky. Lightcircle is also about Norwegian technology, pureness, environmental friendliness, and humans in harmony with nature. When we set up Lightcircle, we wanted to make a product that was just as effective if used by a small child, a techie buff or old age pensioners in a home. So, more than anything, inspired by human nature.

Morten Revill, our founder and CEO, has always been looking for a simple way to impact our every day lives for the better. With Kokong and Lightcircle, after several attempts, a success and a number of failures, he found it.

With a team of engineers and partners including Mykes AS (Geir Myklatun), Frost Produkt AS and TenTwelve and Incap Electronics Ou in Estonia, we had the set up ready.

Want to read more about the story behind Kokong, here is a link to our Kokong booklet (also found inside the Kokong box)