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Lightcircle is a Nordic disruptive technology company headquartered in Kongsberg, Norway. Inspired by human nature.

The Story 

We all do it. We charge our devices even after they are fully charged, we charge overnight and we never unplug our chargers. It is a habit, but an unhealthy one resulting in an escalation of fires, explosions, meltdowns and close calls. Furthermore, we waste electricity and the battery life of our devices is decreasing. To add to that, we have more chargeable devices than ever before. However, changing our habits is difficult and rarely successful.

So, instead of changing people, why not make this bad habit insignificant?

That is exactly why Lightcircle and Kokong was born: to make our charging habits smart, simple, safe and sustainable without us having to change ourselves.
Products that are just as effective if used by a small child, a techie buff or old age pensioners in a home. So, more than anything, inspired by human nature. Morten Revill, our founder and CEO, has always been looking for a simple way to impact our every day lives for the better. With Kokong and Lightcircle, he found it.

The Team 


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