Coming this spring! DSB compliant Kokong EV wall box for safe charging of Electric/Hybrid vehicles


POPULAR MISCONCEPTONS, myths to be busted:
#1. surely I´m not using electricity when something is off?
#2. i´m not spending money every year to the electricicity company that i dont need or use?
#3. if im away from home, and ive removed my phone from my charger, or anything else, itsd no problem that the charger is still in the socket?
#4. electrical sockets are dead when not in use. well, ikea has made these little plastci covers for sockets....kokong goes into holiday mode after 24hrs so then its 200% dead so its safe.
#5 stand by power, that cant use much of anything? 
ref. 20 bn usd per year, 50 largr power plants...





i which countries can i use it?

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