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Questions and answers our customers have about their KOKONG

Charging ends too early

In some cases there is a lot of "noise" or activity on our phones during charging. This can be phone calls, data use, apps on in the background or watching movies etc. Or it can be volatile chargers. As Kokong monitors this activity and volatility 5 times per second, it can sometimes register this as a drop similar to when you remove the charger from the phone or when charging is done.So if it terminated early, Kokong has gone into 6/60 probe mode, meaning it will search for a device for 6 seconds only every 60 seconds. To save power, but still search for something to charge. Try this:1) Remove the charger and phone from the socket.2) Wait 60 seconds. Reinsert charger and phone. Charging should resume normally up to 100%.TIP: If you know you use your phone a lot during charging we recommend charging when it is quiet, such as at night, when power is also cheapest. With Kokong, you can safely charge at night.

My mobile phone or other device is charged but Kokong has not cut power yet?

How much can I save per year charging my electric bike with Kokong?

Can I get the latest software installed on my Kokong if I am not fully satisfied?

Thanks to Kokong I now charge my iPhone on my night table every night. Every morning I wake up with a fully charged phone, and the power is off, so it saved some power and battery overnight. However, when Kokong "probes" to check if my phone needs more charging, a sound comes on my iPhone. What can I do about this?