Good for battery life

"Overcharging is bad for the battery, and increases the risk of incidents. Gone with Kokong."

Because Kokong disconnects at predetermined values, it won`t allow overcharging. This means that your battery won`t risk overheating or other dangers of "trickle charging".

Battery life is a big topic. 
The longer we leave Lithium-Ion batteries connected to chargers, the more chance there is of overheating, dangerous gas emissions, meltdowns or explosions. So even though many advanced batteries in electric cars or bikes have battery management systems, this may not protect you if you plug into a standard, (sometimes older) wall socket or multi-plug. Especially if you leave charging unattended, which most of us do. Basically, Kokong attends to the charging for you.

If you own expensive equipment, such as cameras, expensive laptops, or an electric bike, then Kokong is the perfect accessory to ensure safe, optimal charging. If you own an electric car, and you didn`t invest in an expensive wall box, then Kokong can be the alternative. It`s certainly a lot better than plugging straight into the wall socket in the garage, or inside, and gives you the protection you need.

Note: this also depends on temperature. Extreme temperatures are detrimental to battery life. So either charge in a garage above zero degrees, or indoors if you can. If you`re going to charge at low temperatures, then you will want to invest in a thermal case (coming 2019) for Kokong for the garage for instance.