Saves Energy

"Good for you. Good for the planet." 

Most people do not realise that you consume and therefore pay for, electricity even when devices are seemingly "off".
This can be your Apple TV, your coffee machine, or your laptop. However, they still consume some power.  This is sometimes called "vampire power".
Even when only your charger is plugged into the socket without a device attached, it`s still consuming power.

Kokong disconnects when it detects power that is not needed in order to save you and the environment from power waste.
In this regard, Kokong is the first socket that ensures you only consume what you need to consume.
How much energy and money you save, depends on how much you use Kokong and with which appliances.
If you primarily use it for safe charging your phones and tablet at night, then the main benefit is not money saved, but safe night charging and simplicity.
However, if you use it in your washing room or for your electric car, the savings will be more substantial, and you may have saved the cost of Kokong within the first year just by using it.

When we developed this aspect, we considered the fact that we spend money and energy we never use, in tremendous amounts every year. So by making Kokong autonomous, it would have a green impact, however small, every time you use it.

So saving energy is good for your device`s battery, it`s good for your wallet, for the environment, and talking about smart, well, saving energy is pretty intelligent in itself we think. No other product does this fully autonomously like Kokong.

If we add up the energy savings from all customers using Kokong in the future, then we`re looking at making a significant impact together.