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Kokong EV ZEN - wall box for electric cars - Subscription

299,00 kr
Kokong EV ZEN - wall box for electric cars - Subscription

Kokong EV ZEN - wall box for electric cars - Subscription

299,00 kr

You can now get our EV wall box no up front costs, electrician installation costs included! Value NOK 6000,-*

You only pay NOK 299/mnth (binding 24 mnth). All inclusive. If you`re not happy with Kokong EV after 90 days you can walk away from the deal. Regardless, you then have fixed electrical installation in place as required by law.*


Many of us don't bother to invest in expensive wall boxes and rather plug the charger straight into the wall socket. By doing that, though, we put our homes at risk and waste electricity. Not safe, not sustainable.

Kokong EV ZEN on the other hand is...

Not just a wall box.

The KOKONG EV ZEN is a smart socket for hybrid and electric cars. It does what charging cables and normal Schuko wall sockets don't...

It disconnects power when charging is completed or a fault is detected.

Keeping you and your home safe while saving you passive power consumption over time. Smart, simple, safe, sustainable.

KOKONG EV ZEN is a mirco wall box (the smallest wall box on the market) at a price that makes it an alternative for everyone.

Why KOKONG is special:

  • automatic electrical control that monitors and controls load
  • limits power supply to 10A and cuts power above this
  • It is wall mounted and has space for the charging cable to alleviate weight stress on the Schuko
  • enforced by DSB in Norway

Included in the installation

  • 1 home charger (kokong ev)
  • Up to 10 meter cable to fuse cabinet
  • Up to 50 kilometers travel for the electrician
  • 3 hours work
  • Installation og declaration of compliance
  • *If you cancel before end of period electrical installation bill must be paid.


  • Earth protected socket
  • LED light guides indicating power mode
  • Circular recess for easy-inserting plugs in the dark
  • Kokong EV10 has been programmed to a 10A capacity, meaning it automatically complies with regulations.
  • disconnects automatically power from the charge cable (and car) when it detects that the car is fully charged or a fault occurred.
  • No app/wifi installation needed. Kokong works by way of detection and preprogramming.
  • No Wi-fi connection or Bluetooth needed.
  • Operating conditions: -20 - 40 °C
  • Storage conditions: -30 - 70 °C
  • IP44

Recognised by

  • Tested and recommended by BBC World News "Click"
  • Prize winning. DOGA 2020.
  • Certified by Arrow - the world`s largers electronics company
  • Finalist in insurance company IF`s "Safer everyday" competition