Ladevakt subscription Kokong EV10 ZEN CHARGER Nordic Pink

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You can now get our EV wall box for kr 1,-, electrician installation costs included! Value NOK 6000,- No extra costs.*

You only pay NOK 299/mnth (binding 24 mnth). All inclusive. Kokong EV is yours to keep. 

 If you`re not happy with Kokong EV you can SWAP for another EV wallbox 1 time (Ratio Home Box) in collaboration with Elbilgrossisten. Regardless you then have fixed electrical installation in place.

Kokong EV Zen charger does what charge cables and wall sockets don`t: turns power entirely off when charging is complete.

This increases safety. This figure shows you how you save money, power and protect your battery with Kokong:

Did you know that fast charging can cost 10-18 times as much as charging at home? eg.  Fortum fastcharger: kr. 18,60 per kWh at 10 kW effect. 

Fortum lightning charger costs around 14,50 per kWh og and at "Grønn kontakt" or "BKK"  kr 10,40 per kWh.

The price for charging at home with eg. Kokong EV is around  1 kr per kWh.


*Included in the installation:

1 home charger (kokong ev) - can we swapped to a Ratio Home Box.

Up to 10 meter cable to fuse cabinet

Up tp 50 kilometers travel for the electrician
3 hours work

Installation og declaration of compliance

Total: up to NOK 6000,-
Any extra costs incurred must be paid directly to the electrician. 

Kokong EV Zen charger is a "Smart-Schuko" micro wall box, and the smallest wall box on the market, at a price that makes it an alternative for everyone.

Why should we stress about charging our cars quickly at home? Relax. Charge safe. Pay less.

Kokong EV10 is intended for fixed installation by an electrician to charge your electric or hybrid vehicle at home or in your holiday home. You use it for Mode 1 or Mode 2 charging instead of your old or regular wall socket ("Schuko").


Main key benefits of Kokong EV micro wall box: 

  1. Install and use. No app or wi-fi installation etc necessary, which makes it easy for anyone to use.
  2. Install with one of our recommended electricians. Just unpack, mount on wall and plug in your car charger. 
  3. Makes charging of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids through using Mode 1 or 2 safer and more "smart" as Kokong EV monitors the charging process.
  4. Saves passive electricity consumption as EV10 automatically cuts power when charging is done or if charger left plugged in. 
  5. Contributes to longer battery life of your vehicle as no overcharging is allowed.
  6. Auto cut-off: if you leave home and forget to remove charger from socket and/or your vehicle, Kokong EV10 with cut the power for you, eliminating risk of overheating or fire.  
  7. Only weights 0.5 kg - the smallest EV/PHEV wall charger on the market, saving materials, with an elegant design, and taking up little space in your garage.

Kokong EV10 micro wall box takes up little space and looks great. And it comes in three elegant Nordic colours.



  • Carefully selected Nordic colours, inspired by Norwegian and Arctic nature.
  • Earth protected socket
  • LED light guides indicating the power mode
  • Circular recess for easy-inserting plugs in the dark 
  • Kokong EV10 has been programmed to a 10A capacity, meaning it automatically complies with enforced regulations.
  • Kokong disconnects when it detects power that is not needed, saving you and the environment from power waste.
  • No app/wifi installation needed. Kokong works by way of detection and preprogramming. No Wi-fi connection or Bluetooth needed.
  • High quality, UV resistant plastic casing.
  • Operating conditions: -20 - 40 °C
  • Storage conditions: -30 - 70 °C
  • IP44